Yoga at the Expo

Yoga Schedule 

2pm: Live Your Best Life Yoga with Camilla Greenberg
3pm: Power Yoga with Elyse Fairburn
4pm: Everyday Yin Yoga with David Fairburn
6pm: Sound Bath 


Yoga sessions provided by Good Elephant (Bring your mat and Download the Good Elephant app to sign up!)

Time: 2pm  Camila Greenberg: Camila is a spiritual coach and yoga instructor in LA. With a background in the TV and film industry, she uses her artistic creativity to create classes that inspire, challenge, and uplift.


Time: 3pm  Elyse Fairburn: A New England native, Elyse was far from active and healthy growing up. She found yoga in her 20's and became certified as a Power Yoga instructor. Following her training, she became a certified Personal Trainer and completed training in Yin Yoga and Mindfulness.

Through yoga, Elyse wants to help others realize that it's not about being the most flexible or aesthetic yogi. Rather, it's about being open to trying something new, going for the things you want and having a damn good time in the process.

Time: 4pm  David Fairburn: David is a yoga instructor in Los Angeles who completed his 200-hour power yoga training under LivFree Yoga and yin yoga training through the Summers School of Yin Yoga.

While he grew up thinking yoga was not for him, he eventually developed a deep appreciation of two extreme ends of the yoga spectrum - a fun, sweaty, and crazy power yoga class, and a slower and meditative yin yoga class.  He hopes to bring that perspective to his students and show that there is a style of yoga for everybody.