For Adults

Programs for adults 

*Please note: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have cancelled all in-person events and replaced them with Online Webinars, Online Meetings and Online Coaching.

We provide emotional resilience training for individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations.  We focus on the emotional resilience of the individuals within the group as well as the group as a whole.  Our approach is non-religious and based on documented research and results. 

We reach adults through health and wellness events, expos, resource fairs and workshops.  A typical workshop consists of a series of sessions 45 to 75 minutes long with presentations, group activities, hands on practice, and Q&A.  

ResilientHeart offers a continuum of services that go well beyond traditional mindfulness techniques.  Programs include access to state-of-the-art technology such as monitors that measure heart rate variability/frequencies (emotions and thoughts), electroencephalograms (EEG) to measure brain wave patterns and showcase the power of emotional resilience in an approachable and scientific way.  Workshops also include practice in dissipating negative emotions such as anger or fear, listening and communicating with resilience, and physical movement techniques that help individuals shift their emotional states. 

We also provide events and programs aimed at reaching parents, low income families, and local communities.

There are many solutions that, in combination, can build emotional resilience in individuals and groups.  If your group has a particular sensitivity to a method or subject, we will customize the program to suit your particular needs.