Our Programs

What we do for adults

We provide emotional resilience training for individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations.  We focus on the emotional resilience of the individuals within the group as well as the group as a whole.  Our approach is non-religious and based on documented research and results. 

We can schedule a single event, or set up a program.  A typical program consists of a series of workshops 45 to 75 minutes long with presentations, group activities, hands on practice, and Q&A.  

Topics may include: personal resilience, resilience in the workplace, thoughts, feelings, emotions, verbal and non-verbal communication, personal and inherited trauma, stress, creativity, boredom, and happiness.  Workshops may include: measuring emotional signals with HRV monitors, using Galvanic Skin Response Sensors to assist in resilience training, anger dissipation techniques, listening and communicating with resilience, and mindfulness exercises.

There are many solutions that, in combination, can build emotional resilience in individuals and groups.  If your group has a particular sensitivity to a method or subject, we will customize the program to suit your particular needs.

What we do for children and teens

We can provide a one-time presentation/activity or an ongoing program to teach emotional resilience to children and teens.  We can provide the necessary staff, support, and training to launch and maintain a successful resilience training program for your classroom, children's group, or after-school program.  

If you are interested in bringing emotional resilience training to your company or organization please contact us at: info@resilientheart.org